I just remembered something funny that happened last week;

(before I continue, it should be known that I have a tendency to work on knit/crochet projects during downtime in class, and did a lot of it in Spanish 1 last year, which amused and annoyed my teacher)

So my Spanish 2 teacher was going through the syllabus, and was listing things we couldn’t do that were distracting, when he paused and said something like this: “If you feel the need to work on your knitting or whatever, don’t do it here. You’ll be distracted; we do a lot of work and you don’t want to fall behind”

And all I could think was, Oh no. He knows. She told him. I can never knit in this class ever! I’ll probably just end up doing it, but very stealthily so I don’t get caught.

I’ve been “cleaning” my room for around six hours now.

I have got the smallest friggin’ room in the entire house (not counting bathrooms), so how did I accumulate all of this?!

Try to count how many things belonging to various fandoms you can find in this little corner here.

This is usually the space I sit around being lazy in. My soft pink chair is outside to make room. The only reason I have that other chair there (it goes under my bed) is ‘cause I can’t reach the top levels in my closet.

This is under my bed. It’s so messy. There is never a state of cleanliness down here. Ever. I have a lot of yarn under here too, but I had to move my entire stash into the garage so I’d have more room to “clean”.

I can explain the big glass bottle over there; I cleaned out a wine bottle (not my wine!) about a year ago and I’ve been using it as a water bottle. I drink a lot of water.

Oh lord, I have so many boxes holding random stuff in here that it looks like I never finished moving in.

My bed looks nice, though. Probably the only part of my room that isn’t overly messy.

I don’t even know why I’m putting this up here. Boredom I guess. So, yeah, have a bunch of pics of my sloppy room. Now you know what my cave looks like. Ta-dah?

Oh shit. I just realized that I have parade practice tomorrow, and I haven’t practiced my flute all summer! But I guess that’s not too bad. From what I hear at parade practice and the first day of band camp, nobody practices during the summer.

This year is gonna be weird; it’s my last year of high school, marching/ concert/pep band, and we’re getting a new director. Wehhh…


abrynae asked:

I had a thought - what would the mercs be like if they had to look after a baby? I always thought Spy would be utterly overwhelmed, Sniper would be the one who the baby is quiet for and sleeps on, Pyro would play with it... (Can't think of any more)

tf2imaginesandheadcanons answered:

Pyro would definitely play with it, oh my gosh, that would be so cute!

But just a thought, that in the comics we see Spy has a huge weakness for little kids, so what if he takes care of the baby like it’s his own. Some of the others might make fun of him, but he probably doesn’t care, especially because Heavy probably backs him up on loving kids. Heavy seems like the paternal type. 

Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler. Pretty much all of this^. It’s cute, but will tear your heart out.